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Women of SGU picspam

Okay so the pilot didn't really have a lot of the secondary female characters, but I tried.
I love Chloe okay shut up. I like TJ, Lisa Park, and James. I have yet to warm up to Camile.
The thing that I'm liking about this show is that unlike SGA, Chloe, TJ, James, Lisa, have actually had conversations. I was OH HEY LOOK THEY ARE TALKING TO EACH OTHER. OMG. THEY ARE IN THE SAME SCENE TOGETHER LAUGHING AND SHARING SECRETS AND TALKING ABOUT INSECURITIES. I want more Chloe/TJ, TJ/James, Chloe/James interactions, and maybe if they mix in Camile in there I would warm up to her. Still it is a Stargate show so it's not AMAZING or anything but it's more than we got in SGA with Teyla and Elizabeth.

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