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Warehouse 13

Are the people in Warehouse 13 fandom new or something? So much drama, like are they for serious. Do they really think that THE FEMALE LEAD IS NOT COMING BACK? It's PETE AND MYKA, it's basically their show. IT'S BUILT AROUND THEIR FRIENDSHIP, THEY ARE THE DYNAMIC DUO. Come on now people. Of course she's coming back, STOP FREAKING OUT. Also stop freaking out about it getting renewed. Warehouse 13 and Eureka are the highest rated shows in syfy. They are not going to cancel it. It's coming back. Now Haven, which I LOVE, is the show that people should be worrying about. It will probably get renewed anyways since it gets better rating than SGU and that got renewed. Basically any show that gets 1.0 ratings is good for renewel in syfy's eyes. LOL.


Now let's talk about how much more awesome this season was than the first. Myka was awesome. Pete was awesome. I liked Claudia, and Artie. I still kind of dislike Artie at times but whatever, I just think of him as a grumpy annoying granpa. That seems to make me dislike him less. He's just so fucking hypocritical I just want to punch him in the face. OMG H.G. IS EVILLLLL SHE MUST BE KILLED THERE IS NO FORGIVENESS. BUT then HE'S LIKE READY TO FORGIVE MCPHERSON IN .2 SECONDS. STFU ARTIE. Okay I get that he was proven right, but still.

H.G. was a really great character and I loved her, which was surprising since IT'S LYLA, OMG I HATED HER SO MUCH ON DEXTER I WANTED HER TO DIE. But it's nice to know that it was the character and not the actress. I wish she hadn't been evil, but honestly I didn't think she was evil like Mcphesron. IDK she was little disheartened with life and she took it out on the world. I MEAN HER DAUGHTER DIED AND SHE ASKED TO BE BRONZED, CAUSE SHE COULD NOT DEAL WITH IT. I would say she was crazy more than evil. After all she did not end the world. I'm going to miss the Myka/H.G interaction, I really thought she brought something different to the chemistry of the team. The best episodes were with her in it. I liked that for a second there were 5 awesome female characters and 1 awesome male character. Oh and Artie.
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