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Stargate Universe please continue to use awesome music. I kind of fell in love with this show when I heard Mumford & Sons. Also I almost cried.

IDK why you guys aren't watching this show. I know that TPTP suck and all, but really THIS SHOW. THIS SHOW. It's so much better than SGA ever was and I really loved SGA in the first 3 seasons, but that was mostly to due to the characters. And you know watching a show that is about plot and not about the characters when all you love about it is the characters is a BAD IDEA. SGU is character driven, which I love because that's what I care about the CHARACTERS AND NOT THE PLOT. Although their plot is also good. This show actually has continuity and things do not get resolved in 45 minutes. In many ways, it was what I wanted SGA to be so badly, but it never was.

The best way to describe this show is like SGA and BSG had a baby. It has dark moments but it's not OMG I WANT TO KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW like BSG made me feel so many times. I could only take so much angst. BSG seriously made me reconsider just how much I enjoyed angst and how much was just too much. WHERE IS THE HOPE BSG? SGU has hope and happy moments. My favorite episode "Faith" had happy moments. If some of you had trouble getting into SGA because it was standalone well SGU is not like that AT ALL. The only thing is that like Fringe it takes up until the second half of the first season to really start to come together. There were characters that I legit found annoying/hated in the first half that I now like/love. Rush, Eli, Greer, Telford. Basically the whole male cast with the exception of Scott and the secondary characters. LOL.

IDK guys watch it, I don't want it to get canceled. THEY PLAYED MUMFORD & SONS AND I GOT TEARY EYED.
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