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Smallville 10x04 picspam

How adorable were these two with their Chloe love. They made her a banner guys. They knew about her life post highschool. Plus they were also adorable together. It's obviously a blatant shoutout to Chloe/Clark and I'm not gonna lie I loved their little moments. I ship it. Can they get a spin off. It would be exactly like season 1-3 except the adorable would be OTP.

Zoe: Oh my god! You were friends with Chloe Sullivan.
Clayton: What happened to her? I mean She was the rising star of the Daily Planet like she always dreamed and now..
Zoe: It's like she just vanished, like someone found out that she knew too much.

Zoe: Wait a minute! I know you! You're Lois Lane.
Lois: Yes, thank you.
Zoe: You dated the Green Arrow, aka, uh...Oliver
Clayton and Zoe: Oliver Queen!
Zoe: What's it like to date a real superhero?
Lois: It was really quick, just a flash, but I would date one again in a heartbeat.

Clark: So this is all that's left of The Torch?
Clayton: Are you kidding? We carry the torch with us every day. Everything you need to know about the mysterious and the unexplained.
Zoe: The wall of weird has gone viral.

Zoe: Okay, promise not to tell anyone?
Clayton: Okay we have a theory that the blur was born
Zoe: and raised
Clayton and Zoe: IN SMALLIVLLE.
Lois: I think your virtual weird wall has left you a push pin short
Zoe: You're the one who writes about him. You seriously never considered that all these miraculous saves that Chloe wrote about in The Torch started right before The Blur showed up in Metropolis.
Clayton: Yeah

Also they were holding hands after this but damn it the cap is kind of crappy so I didn't bother.

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