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Chloe Sullivan tropes picspam

Every Girl is Cuter with Hair Decks

Any decoration a character (almost always a young girl) wears in her hair—bands, clips, flowers, ribbons, tiaras, you name it—to make herself look younger and cuter.


Hot Scoop
Journalists who are attractive, basically.

Self explanatory.

Intrepid Reporter

An Intrepid Reporter is an investigative journalist who goes out and finds stories, rather than letting them come to him or her.
This kind of reporter is also known, in fiction, for getting far more involved in their stories than is usually recommended for real journalists. There might be a brief mention of "objectivity" or warning against "getting too emotionally involved," but if there's a Corrupt Corporate Executive to bring down, or Distressed Damsel to rescue, the Intrepid Reporter will be right in there taking an active hand. Expect a lot of speeches about "the Truth", "Freedom of the Press" and "the People have a right to know."

"Look detective Sawyer this girl died trying to tell me her story. Now I'm sorry I'm not street hardened, but she's way
more than a statistic for me. We have to find out who did this."

I don't think I have to explain this one.

School Newspaper Hound

The activities of the Absurdly Powerful Student Council and other very popular students will be chronicled in minute detail by the school newspaper newshounds that staff the paper.. Major plot points will be revealed -- or distorted! -- on the front page of the school newspaper. Chances are good this student later gets a career as an Intrepid Reporter.

"People have a right to know about the strange things that happen in this town"
"You know the paper is kind of my identity"

Chloe wrote an article for EVERY EPISODE OF SMALLVILLE. And everyone went to the Torch wether for actual news or just to get Chloe to help them. Lex made it there in the first season. Lionel second season. Perry third season. Jonathan, Lana, Whitney, special guest stars, random guy Chloe made out with.

Going for the Big Scoop

Some people are thrill seekers, nothing wrong or unusual with that.While Going For The Big Scoop they will ignore, nay, actively run towards danger to find whoever or whatever is causing it. It's not that they're Too Dumb To Live - they knowingly choose to take these risks... perhaps because they know the hero will swoop in and save them if they get in enough pointless danger.

Snooping around where I don't belong. I'm thinking of making a career out of it.
Chloe: Sounds like she had a story someone didn't want her to tell.
Lois: I though you were supposed to pass on any real leads to someone whose cubicle was actually above ground.
Chloe: Well unless I want to stay subterranean my whole career I've got to take a chance.

I don't think I have to explain this one. Except since it only applied to reporters, I could not picspam snooping from s1-s4

Girl Friday

She's not an Action Girl, but neither is she a Distressed Damsel; her main job is to help The Hero (her boss) out at critical junctures. Sometimes she provides critical information, other times it's just a helping hand or heart, sometimes with a side of Unresolved Sexual Tension. Don't presume the Girl Friday can't fight however — she can still kick plenty of ass.

Clark: See that's the thing. No matter how many people I save I can't sovle the world's problems.
Chloe: I don't know anyone else who does more for this world than you.

I don't know how many peps talks Chloe has given Clark or how many times she's helped him with Hero problems or Lana problems (that embarrassing conversation about his sex life) or family problems or alien problems. My favorite is still the alley scene, it brings so much lolz and I think encompasses the girl friday description well.

Fatal Attractor

Some people are just unlucky in love. Others seem to have done something to personally piss Cupid off and are spending the rest of their lives paying for it. The Fatal Attractor is a character whose Love Interests always end up having some sort of critically serious flaw, be it personality, physicality or just a maniacal urge to destroy the universe, which ultimately precludes any kind of long-term relationship.

"What really gets me is I should have known better. Only Chloe Sullivan could fall for a guy who splits himself in two.
What is it about me? Do I have a sign around my neck that says "Mutant Magnet"? "

Now Chloe didn't get a lot of love interests like Lana, but when she did they were either evil, assholes or both. Sean, Justin, that dude from Home Improvement, Mikhail, Jimmy (he was an ass okay, he was all up on Kara), Davis who turned out to be DOOMSDAY thus evil even though he was nice at first. Stephen (Oh how TPTB were probably loling at this. He was kind of perfect for Chloe EXCEPT HE WAS A LITTLE KID.)And Clark who is just unable to return her feeling thus he sucks too. Oliver is the only one that may not be pyscho but he was in love with Lois. SO IDK.

Unlucky Childhood Friend

A girl (males are uncommon, but do exist) who finds herself falling for the friend...her chances of ending up with him are slim: being a childhood friend more than offsets the advantages of being the first girl introduced. Note her failure to win doesn't always indicate lack of popularity. Fandom inevitably springs up around her courageous, dogged, and often awkward attempts to act on her feelings; she'll often be the second most popular character.

"I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend."
CLARK KENT. Oh Chloe. The awesome thing about Chloe is that even though she'll always love Clark, she got over it. She put her feelings aside and was just such a good friend to him, even though it probably hurt her sometimes.

Techno Wizard
The Techno Wizard is the guy or girl who can make a computer or electronic device do anything. Among other things, they know all the Magical Databases; they know how to use the Enhance Button and the Facial Recognition Software for the best results; they can look at a wall covered with Billions Of Buttons and immediately figure out which unlabeled one is the one that turns off the Self Destruct Mechanism; they can jury-rig an iPod into an Everything Sensor.

"You know, I could tell you where he went to college, I can tell you how many outstanding parking tickets he has...
I can even pull up his dental records and let you know if he flosses regularly. But if you really want to know who he is,
I would suggest using the high-tech research device called... the doorbell."

At first she was an okay hacker but somewhat along the way she turned into a techno wizard. But you know whatever it was a believable skill that someone with time can get better at.

Cool Loser
typical of High School shows, this is when a character who is smart, funny, fashionable and good looking is portrayed as being much less popular than they would be in real life...Cool Losers are not supposed to be considered unattractive, and unlike the Hollywood Nerd, the Cool Loser is not a geek or lacking in social skills. They just don't have many friends, don't get invited to the cool parties, and are generally treated like losers by most of their peers.

Dawn: Chloe you may think bashing a sacred school tradition in your tabloid rag is cool, but I think it's disgusting.
Chloe: Lighten up dawn you'll get your throne, cause this entire school is terrified of you and your vicious rumor mill.
Dawn: Kill me now, you are such the hyprocrat.
Chloe: Hypo.. I'm sorry but whatever it is your saying to me is getting lost in translation.
Dawn: Don't play stupid, the only reason your picture is on that wall is because your lame article.
Chloe: What picture? What wall?
Dawn: I would say may the best girl win but I think we both know who that is.
Lana: So apparently I'm not the only one who enjoyed your article. Your highness. Good luck.

Chloe wasn't really popular, but she wasn't unpopular. I mean she ended up being homecoming queen. Hot guys asked her out, yeah some were crazy but whatever.

Break the Cutie
A series introduces a character as sweet and lovable...who likes nothing more than to pet little puppies. They make you adore them, root for them and love them. Then they proceed to slowly break them in front of your very eyes. They destroy everything important to them, kill everyone they love and make them suffer from horrible accidents, diseases and acts of violence. They beat the character with one cruel stroke of fate after another until they are just a shell of their former cheerful, carefree self.

Let's count how many times life (TPTB) have screwed over Chloe......still counting. Yeah. I couldn't put all the times in this section. She had unrequited crush on Clark. Her mom left her when she was little. When she finally got together with someone he kind of turned out to be an ass. She got married, then got divorced. She was a meteor freak with crappy powers, so she died a lot. Her mom turned out to be a meteor freak,so yay she didn't leave Chloe because she was a bad mom. Just that her powers her harmful to Chloe. When they finally where reunited she goes can't actually get to know her. She gets fired from her dream job for protecting Clark. Oh she meets this nice guys Davis, turns out HE'S DOOMSDAY. Davies. JIMMY DIES. Fandom blames Chloe. blah blah. Clark is a bad BFF and leaves Chloe alone to deal with his emo. I have not watched s9 but Chloe and Clark aren't BFF's anymore. SAD. And many more. Sometimes I wonder how Chloe is still awesome.

Death is Cheap
Important characters will have a terrible tendency to die dramatically, but will not, under any circumstances, stay dead. This of course requires a lot of supernatural involvement, but that's not so uncommon either.

Chloe has died how many times now. Not including all those time when everyone was like OMG SHE'S THE ONE THAT'S GOING TO DIE. Except she never really dies.

Badass Normal
In A World with supernatural dealings or superpowers, this character is the one who is able to keep being useful through intellect, martial arts abilities, general ruthlessness, or just being Crazy Prepared.

Clark: Whoa!
Chloe: What? I like to come prepared.
Clark: Chloe, where'd you get all this stuff?
Chloe: eBay.
Clark: Is that a flash grenade?
CLARK: Who needs super powers with you around?

If the world was ending I'd want Chloe on my side.

Chloe is also Mr. Expositon but that cannot be picsapmed. I mean I could but that would be the whole series and Esemble Darkhorse, plus so many others.

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