these are hard times for dreamers (quiet_fractures) wrote,
these are hard times for dreamers


My thoughts on tonight's Fringe.

This is a very frustrating season so far.

Let's go back to Peter's world. It's less frustrating and real Olivia is there.

I was never in love with Peter, so he's officially dead to me for now. I'm going to go ship Olivia and Linc and enjoy alt!world who was awesome people and REAL OLIVIA WHO I LOVE. Fuck man she's all having hallucinations of Peter and their epic love and he's all oh hey you're sort of different, but whatever I'm not using mah brain tonight or ever. IDK, IDK, it took me a while to love Peter/Olivia and now it all feels tainted. Surprisingly I'm not as broken up about it as I thought I would be. I'm just mad on behalf of Olivia. I just really hate seeing Peter/alt!Olivia. I do not like her AT ALL. I dislike episode that are in the right world. I'm always like I wonder what the other Fringe team is doing.

Tags: fringe
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