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these are hard times for dreamers

SGU Chloe/Scott

My love for them in picsapm form because I cannot express myself with words.

1x02: Air

Chloe: I can't believe my dad has gone. I watched him die, and I still just can't accept it.
Scott: Tell me about him.
Chloe: Why?
Scott: The man died so I could live. I'd like to know a little more about him.
Chloe: No matter how tired he was, or how long he'd worked, or what was going on in his life, he always had time to listen to me. I'd go on and on, but he never preached. He never told me what to do even though sometimes I wished he would. He would just listen, and then he would tell me that he loved me. The best part was, if I'd had a fight with my mom, he never took sides.
Chloe: Oh God. My mom. He was her whole life. She probably thinks we're both dead.
Scott: All I know is that he wanted you to go on.
Chloe: I know.
Scott: I've gotta get back to the search. You gonna be OK?
Chloe: I don't know.
Scott: Fair enough.

1x03: Air

Chloe: I brought you some water.
Scott: I still have some.
Chloe: You really need to drink it.
Scott: I'm fine.
Chloe: Everyone appreciates what you did.
Scott: Did Rush say how long they'll last?
Chloe: He's not sure.
Scott: How are you? My parents died in a car crash when I was four years old.
Chloe: No! I'm sorry.
Scott: And the priest who raised me - he pretty much drank himself to death when I was sixteen.
Chloe: My God!
Scott: I'm sorry - I'm not trying to diminish what you're going through ...
Chloe: I know.
Scott: I think my point is, there's just some things you never get over. That's just the way it is. You go on through ... best as you can.

1x04: Light

Scott: I was hoping to find a planet, grow some food - not that I know a damned thing about farming.
Chloe: You sound pretty sure we're both going.
Scott: Yeah. Yeah, maybe I am.
Chloe: Has he told you we're the two he's picked?
Scott: No, it's just obvious.
Chloe: How?
Scott: There's-there's only two qualified pilots on the ship - me and the colonel. He took himself out, so..
Chloe: Yeah, well that explains you. Why me?
Scott: Come on, Chloe, he has to pick you.
Chloe: Why?
Scott: You're the daughter of a U.S. senator. He's probably been ordered to.
Chloe: Being a senator's daughter isn't going to help anyone survive on that planet - and I think the colonel's the kind of man who makes his own decisions. I'm not one of the two, Matt - at least, I shouldn't be. I don't even know if I wanna be.
Scott: Don't say that.
Chloe: There's still a chance that I'll get chosen in the lottery - but if I don't, I want you to know that I have probably felt closer to you in these past few days than I have ever felt to anybody. So if this is goodbye
Scott: It's not.
Chloe: It might be. I'm glad he's gonna pick you.
Scott:: I want you there.
Chloe: Yeah, well, what are the odds? One in five, one in six?
Scott:: Something like that.
Chloe: Well, we'll see.

1x06: Water

James: There was a tremor. Lieutenant Scott fell into a crevasse.
Chloe: Oh my God.
James: He's OK, just stuck.
Chloe: Do they have enough air?
James: Colonel Young says he's got it under control. I just, um ... thought you would wanna know.

1x08: Time

Rush: I'm sorry to have to tell you we've already lost four people. Doctors Franklin and Volker, Lieutenant James ... and Chloe.
YOUNG: Copy that. Check in again in ten minutes. Lieutenant. Lieutenant, we need you. Scott. Scott. We need you.

1x09: Life

Chloe: A son! Wow! That is, um ... it's wild!
Scott: Yeah, tell me about it!
Chloe: What's his name?
Scott: Matthew. I've got an eight year old kid named after me. How weird is that?!
Chloe: Are you OK?
Scott: Yeah. It's a lot to deal with. I'm a little angry that she didn't tell me, that I couldn't be there for him.
Chloe: Look, one more year and then you can take him to soccer games and Little League. What's the mother like?
Scott: She's got her issues.
Chloe: You two were close?
Scott: Not really. Well, um, yeah, you know, for a short time, but things happened, we lost touch.
Chloe: Until now.

1x11: Space

Chloe: We have tomatoes! We finally have tomatoes!
Scott: Can you believe it? Tomatoes!

Greer: Where are you going?
Scott: To try and save Chloe.
Greer: Not like you, taking the shuttle without asking.
Scott: He'll say no, and I don't wanna disobey an order. You got a problem with that?
Greer: You wanna save her? Do it.
Scott: I'm going. You don't have to.

1x13: Faith

Greer: We call that "cold".
Greer: Yeah.
Scott: Yeah. It's gonna take a little time.

Scott: You coming too?
Chloe: Is there a problem with that?

Scott: Hey. You OK?
Chloe: Yeah.
Scott: Homesick for Destiny? Only a few more days ‘til we head back.
Chloe: Honestly, no. I'm not. I like it here. I'm starting to wonder if Doctor Caine is right - that it's no accident we found this planet.
Scott: We were brought here by God?
Chloe: Or whoever. I don't know. I mean, if some alien beings are powerful enough to create this place, maybe there is some kind of higher power in the universe that knew we were in trouble; put this planet here for us to find. Maybe it's time we stopped thinking about ...

Chloe: You might wanna give her some time.
Scott: What? We're breaking camp and she just takes off without telling me.
Chloe: She's thinking about staying here. A lot of people are.
Chloe: Come on, you can't be surprised. You've heard people talking about it. They like it here.
Scott: OK, I like it here too, but we cannot stay. It is out of the question.
Chloe: Why not? If people wanna stay, they have the right ...

1x16: Sabotage / 1x20: Incursion pt2 / 2x01: Intervention / 2x01: Aftermath

Scott: Yeah, there's no sign of Eli or Chloe. There's no fatalities on our side except for Rivers.
Greer: They must be hiding somewhere.
Scott: I hope so.
Greer: Look, that boy would take a bullet before he'd let them touch a hair on her head. Lieutenant. Don't get distracted.
Scott: I'm not, I'm not. I just, uh ...I just wanna get this done with.

2x04: Pathogen

Scott: Where are we?
Chloe: What?
Scott: You-you and me, our relationship. I mean, if we'd met in a different situation away from the ship, would we still be together?
Chloe: Of course.
Scott: It's just ...... this is all kinda new to me, you know? I've never been, like, great at relationships and ... I just wanna make sure that I don't mess this up. You've been kinda quiet lately, so I start wondering, thinking, "God, she's ..."
Chloe: Matt.

Scott: You OK? Look, uh, just let me know, and we'll get you whatever you need. The colonel's just doing this as a precaution.
Chloe: What do they think is happening to me?
Scott: They don't know yet.
Chloe: I feel like I'm slipping away bit by bit.
Scott: No. No, we're gonna figure this out. We're gonna fix it, I promise.

2x05: Cloverdale

Chloe: Now I have to stay.
Rush: Oh, you didn't, did you?
Chloe: It wasn't that hard. It doesn't even hurt that much.
Eli: Chloe, why would you do that?
Chloe: They weren't going to let me stay. Now they have no choice.
Eli: And now you can't come back!
Rush: She's already made up her mind.
Chloe I'm sorry, Eli, but I had to do this.
Rush: Chloe. Before I go, please tell me you didn't do this to keep a dying boy company.

And in this episode I fell in love with them. The last five minutes with the vows cutting between the blood transfusion. It was so perfect. Okay if they break them up or Chloe dies, I will be extremely pissed. Stargate PTB already killed one of my OTP's, I will not forgive them for killing another one.

2x05: Cloverdale

Rush: Dearly beloved we are gathered here in the face of this company to join this man and this woman in matrimony. It is not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind It is intended for their mutual joy and for the help and comfort given one another in prosperity and adversity. Through this union, Matthew and Chloe make a commitment to embrace their dreams realise their hopes, and to accept each other's failings. We are here today to witness this occasion that marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin their life together. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together let them speak now, or forever hold their peace. Do you, Matthew, take Chloe to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her in sickness and in health for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse in sadness and in joy and forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her for as long as you both shall live?

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You always do such great picspams! It will be interesting to see what happens with these two in quarantine. I don't want them to break them up, but then sometimes I do so we can have a big reunion scene. LOL
I'm so glad someone in my flist besides myself, Ana and I know there's someone else, is watching this. It's sad that it will probably get canceled and it is so much better than SGA ever was (I mean I loved SGA, but it wasn't for the writing). It makes me wonder just how awesome SGA would have been if they had broken away from the SG1 format. It seemed that they wanted to, but then s2 happened. SGU is getting so many things right that I'm like WTF ARE THESE THE SAME PEOPLE THAT WROTE SO MUCH FAIL ON SGA. I WAS JUST GOING TO WATCH THIS SHOW FOR THE LULZ BUT IT'S ACTUALLY GOOD, OMG WOMEN ARE TALKING TO EACH OTHER, SECONDARY CHARACTERS DON'T FEEL LIKE SECONDARY CHARACTERS. Of course this is being compared to SGA, so it's not saying much. LOL.

CLOVERDALE, DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED AND HATED IT AT THE SAME TIME? First it's like any typical fake/dream reality episode that happens in the Stargate Universe. BUT IT WAS LIKE IF THINGS HAD ACTUALLY BEEN ALLOWED TO PROGRESS AND CONTINUE. Like SCOTT BEING INFECTED IS GOING TO CARRY ON INTO THE NEXT EPISODE, Chloe is not automatically cured, Scott's questions about his relationship with Chloe explored, SHIP HAPPENS IN FAKE WORLD AND REAL WORLD. It was like The Real World expect you know THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPENED THAT HAD REPERCUSSIONS and ship had actually happened. How awesome would it have been for Elizabeth to have the storyline that Chloe is having but you know instead of alien virus thing, it was nanites. I really really hope this is not a way to write out Chloe because I will be so pissed off you have no idea.

I love these two. In the first three episodes I was like I could ship, BUT then they got together and I was like ......... I LIKE UST, OMG WHAT IS THIS? WHERE IS MY UST? I DON'T WANT RST. So I was like whatever and continued watching, then I quit. Then I got bored and started watching again and IDK but the show actually started to get good and Chloe/Scott just felt right after they got together. It's like they're working backwards, they got together so fast, but now they are getting to know each other and care for each other. They're not a couple that's a will they, won't they, but more like will they stay together? Watch us throw all these obstacles at them, to make you want them to overcome them and stay together.

SGU I will hate you forever if you have Chloe/Eli end up together. I was not a fan of Eli the first half of season 1. I did not feel bad for him, cause he always acted like it was somehow Chloe's fault that she didn't love him and for some reason he was always expecting her to change her mind. When she continued to reaffirm that she only saw him as a friend he got pissed off and I was WTF Eli are you just her friend so she could realize she's in love with you. I like him so much better now that he's mostly over Chloe and is actually genuine in his friendship with her.
Found this in my email and realized I never replied! Ack!

I'm wondering when we'll know if it's cancelled. I had heard those rumors too, but haven't been around the SGU section on GW lately so not sure what's going on. And what do you mean you don't want to go to GW to talk about this? LOL

I was disappointed in the quarantine episode because, well, it's only her in quarantine. Dang it. I think he was out in the first five minutes? So that sucked. But there's been some good conversations between Chloe and her visiters since then. The one the really got me was the one with Greer. That was more affecting than most of the stuff on SGA sad to say.

The Scott & Chloe thing is interesting because sometimes I think he's still not mature enough for this relationship and then he'll turn around and do something to prove me wrong. I think Chloe has gotten so much better so yeah, they'd better not write her off. And I don't thing she'll end up with Eli. I think the writers have moved past that, thank goodness.

Speaking of, I wonder who's really plotting this show. I can't believe it's M&M. I would be shocked.