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perfection through silence

Everything has its time and everything dies.

these are hard times for dreamers
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Here is where I bitch, squee, complain, rant, and other emotions that I might feel while watching tv.

There will probably random posts about my life that when I feel like it will be friends locked because I'm paranoid like that.

Then there will be bitching about SGA, and possibly Doctor Who, not sure. BSG and I are not seeing eye to eye, so we'll see if I we stick together. I still love Prison Break, Skins, Primeval, and Life on Mars. My main ship right now is John/Elizabeth from SGA and Cassie/Sid from Skins. You ask how that can be, I have weird taste.

Smallville is weird for me because I will mainly complain about it. So if you really like it I'm not the person to squee about it. However I won't mind if you do but just keep in mind that I will not be squeeful about it except for Chloe because she is awesome. I hate Smallville.

Also I'm a shameless shipper for almost every show.

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